Dog City

May 25th, 2020

I put out a new record on a whim. Its called ‘Dog City’. It’s 13 songs written through the eyes of a rescue dog. The songs are about pure freedom, love, contentment, companionship and all the stuff in between. I wrote every note and lyric over the last 6 weeks in confinement in my cold garage and a few other empty spaces *Except for the Stooges cover. I laughed a lot and cried a lot. It’s been an emotional time obviously and I needed to get away from the news. It was more Important to me to get it out RIGHT NOW -so It’s scrappy, Barely mixed, not mastered and not even on a label. Not a soul heard it except me until I released it yesterday am. I Just made the songs and put’em out. I just needed too. I did the cover at 5:30 am yesterday morning a half hour before release. It was all so much fun. It’s a summer record so please turn it up and smile with your tongues out like a dog. Welcome to Dog City folks ‘Where everyone gets thrown a bone’. 🐶 check it out on my bandcamp page!

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