The new single from Coyote is ‘Indio‘ and it dropped at radio this week!

In other BIG news, fan pre-sales for the March tour dates begin tomorrow at 9am. Check the tour page for more info.

Matt and director Michael Maxxis are collaborating again on a video for ‘Indio’ – this time in Costa Rica! Here’s a shot from the shoot!

2 thoughts on “NEW SINGLE, NEW TOUR DATES!

  1. I’m with this guy (or girl). Please play Winnipeg again. Your show was so good, and now that I have devoured the new album (that I waited to buy from the show) I’d love to hear it live again! The new songs are great, hard to even pick a favourite! After the show, Stoned was the one I searched for on the album. That melody is awesome.

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