Montreal show postponed…

Unfortunately, the November 1st show at Cabaret du Mile End in Montreal has been postponed due to a vehicle breakdown and the residual effects of Superstorm Sandy. More info to follow…

7 thoughts on “Montreal show postponed…

  1. Hya Matt,
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing you play for my first time. Please get to Montreal safe and sound soon after the storm so we can celebrate your wonderful music in this wonderful city.
    Thanx muchly for your all your creative energy! Pls keep the tunes going on and the new ones coming in. You are on THE LIST of all-time great songwriters and lovewriters. Inspire, create, divine, music artmaker…

  2. Hello! I was wondering..When will Matt be in Montreal? And will my ticket still be good? All this waiting is making me anxious..i was really looking forward to the show. Please give me info..i’m dying here!!!!!
    Thanks a bunch :)

  3. Matt, love your music, followed you from early, when you’re in Mtl, I look for front row center. … L√Ęche pas mon homme! Coyote super!

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